Friday, January 2, 2009

A Dream

Once in a cozy sleepy dream....

Morning rays shinning huts

Chirping birds....

Bushy acre of green grass

Splash with blue blue & blue....

A cool die....

Encroached me to stab

Nature was struggling

With global warming....

Across my heart mind & soul

Silence silence & silence more....

To overcome dream as a whole

A try a spy a raise of high hope

Allows me a scope

Dream is not that

Which arise in sleep

Dream is that

Which do not allow us to sleep....
Written by- Azakamarina

Friday, December 19, 2008


Oh! Like lash green trees,

My parrot nods it's red beak.

Likes to eat chiku,

We named it 'TITTU'

Stays in it's small cage,

But we don't know it's age.

'TITTU' likes to talk,

But shouts a lot.

We all love it a loy! a lot! a lot!

One day we tried to freed it in the blue sky,

Where the aim is high.

But after a while,

It cried and came back like a snail.

I felt a lot of joy and jumped like ajoey.

Oh! my heart dear parrot,

I know you too like to eat carrot.

Dear parrot! Pretty parrot!



AGE 10 (yrs.)